STONE-HONEYCOMB _ Slabs of light weight marble granite and stone on HONEYCOMB



Slabs of light weight marble granite and stone on HONEYCOMB (Description)

Lightweight marble - glass marble

Example made of
black granite of
thickness of 2 mm
applied on
Honeycomb panel of
thickness of 5 mm.




Honeycomb panels are developed from space technology where very high tensile, compressive and impact resistance is required in an extremely lightweight durable panel.

  • Dimensions:
    Length: from mm 1000 to mm 3300 mm
    Width: from mm 1000 to mm 1250 ( with joining from mm 1250 to mm 1660 )
  • Thickness:
    from 4mm to 20mm ( other thicknesses on demand )



HONEYCOMB Panel - Technical Specification (HONEYCOMB Panel Technical Specification)

Lightweight marble - glass marble
Panel Construction
2 Fibreglass faces layers with aluminium Honeycomb core.

Panel Thickness Available As Standard
5mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm.




HONEYCOMB - lntroducing Space Age Technology lnto The Building Industry

Lightweight marble - glass marble
Honeycomb Wall Panelling is a lightweight external product made from a combination of micro porous fibreglass skins and a perforated Aluminium honeycomb core. The companies philosophy of continually researching and developing new cladding products has resulted in the launch of our Honeycomb Wall Panelling which we believe brings a high quality technological and architecturally pleasing product to the construction market, giving you a product which can deliver an external cladding system which has a high physical/mechanical performance.



HONEYCOMB - Performance Test Results

Lightweight marble - glass marble
Following extensive testing procedures, the Honeycomb Wall Panelling gave the following results:

Fire Propagation Test
The test results show the panel(s) sample complied with Class 1

Surface Flame Spread Test (CSE RF 2/75/A)



HONEYCOMB - Analysis Test


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