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Lightweight marble - glass marble
Honeycomb Wall Panelling is a lightweight external product made from a combination of micro porous fibreglass skins and a perforated Aluminium honeycomb core. The companies philosophy of continually researching and developing new cladding products has resulted in the launch of our Honeycomb Wall Panelling which we believe brings a high quality technological and architecturally pleasing product to the construction market, giving you a product which can deliver an external cladding system which has a high physical/mechanical performance.

The main features of this exciting new product can be summarised as follows:
  • Ultra light weight with exceptional tensile and flexural strength, making the panel unsurpassable in its technical performance

  • Breath ability of the panel allows the free passage of vapour. In the event of water entering the panel, this can drain through the perorations in the Honeycomb Foil to the bottom of the panel where it exist through weep holes in the finishing trim.

  • The technical specification of the panel allows it to be used directly onto steel frame structures without the necessity of external insulation systems, thus allowing an extremely competitive through the wall solution for this type of construction.

  • The Honeycomb Wall Panelling can also be utilised in conjunction with timber frame structural systems to offer an aver faster and economic building solution.

  • Can be used as a rain screen system on both existing and new structural elements.

  • The panelling is able to be finished with all types of external finish, including the following:
    traditional render, dry dash, wet dash, tyrolean finishes, acrylics, high build finishes, marble, ceramics, terracotta, etc.

    The above list is not extensive, so please ask if you have a query about a particular external wall finish.

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