Honeycomb panels are developed from space technology where very high tensile, compressive and impact resistance is required in an extremely lightweight durable panel.

  • Dimensions:
    Length: from mm 1000 to mm 3300 mm
    Width: from mm 1000 to mm 1250 ( with joining from mm 1250 to mm 1660 )
  • Thickness:
    from 4mm to 20mm ( other thicknesses on demand )
  • Middle weight:
    2,5 Kg/m2 (15mm thicknes)
  • Cells dimension:
    06,35mm - 09,52mm - 12,70mm - 19,05mm
  • Density:
    80,0 kg/m3 cell dimension 06,35mm
    53,0 kg/m3 cell dimension 09,52mm
    40,0 kg/m3 cell dimension 12,70mm
    26,5 kg/m3 cell dimension 19,05mm
  • Flexural resistance:
    Catas 4978/5 - Middle Mpa 24,8
  • Resistance to the temperature jerks:
    UNI 9428/89 - 8 and 15 cycles without faults
  • Reaction to the fire:
    DM 26.06.1984 - UNI 9176/87 - Class 1
  • Resistance to the flame:
    CSE RF 2/75/A - Category 1
  • Radiant panel:
    CSE RF 3/77 - Category 1
  • Resistance to compression:
    ASTM D 297-298 - Middle maximum load 5287N - Middle resistance 0,77 N/mm2
  • Resistance to the atmospheric conditions:
    ASTM G 26/83 - The evaluation scale for these properties are defined as (0) for “Best” and (5) for “Poor”.
    Blistering - ISO 4628-2 - evalutation 0
    Cracking - ISO 4628-4 - evalutation 0
    Flaking - ISO 4628-5 - evalutation 0
    Chalking - ISO 4628-6 - evalutation 0

    This panel can be produced with a variety of finishes eg. Marble, Ceramic, Granite, Acrylic, Silicon, Mosaics and Coated Aluminium.

    Honeycomb panels can also be used to create a flat surface/wall too allow the application of traditional finish eg. Polymer Base Finishes, Wet Dash, Dry Dash, Scrape Finish, External Insulation System and Acrylic Systems.


    For the panels, presented in this report, the core used is in aluminium A1 3003 (9% aluminium, 1% manganese, 1%iron, and others). The geometric shape is the typical of a honeycomb with hexagonal cells. The sheet is a thin plate, treated with H19, following the standard USA n. QQ-A 250/2b and the British Standard BS1470.

    Standard Products
    The minimum value of the thickness that can be produced is 3mm, while the maximum value can vary and depends on the density of the cells. The following table indicates the geometrical characteristics of the different kind of core available.

Cells Dimensions
(inches x 10-4);(mm x 10-3)
1.8;28.8 3/4;19.05 25;63.5
2.3;36.8 3/8; 9.52 15;38.1
3.4;54.4 1/4; 6.35 15;38.1
3.7;59.2 3/8; 9.52 25;63.5
5.2;83.2 1/4; 6.35 25;63.5

The adhesive fink guarantees the structural support of the panel up to the temperature of 200 Celsius. Should the mechanical performance of the honeycomb panel be required to exceed this temperature it is possible to use a different specification of Aluminium.


The panel can be manufactured with aluminium skins either polished or powder coated in a variety of colours, marble, ceramics, granite, stone and mosaics. The panel can also be supplied with Glass Fibre Skins bonded using epoxy resins. These can be coated with a variety of finishes, which include Dry Dash Render, Wet Dash Render, Acrylic Texture Finishes and natural Aggregate Finishes.
The Technical Characteristics are the following:
  • Flexural resistance
  • Resistance to compression
  • Elasticity modulus
  • Density
  • Standard Products

  • Performance
    The panels are fight, strong and do not conduct electricity or heat and are compatible with many adhesives and coatings.

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