Cardoso natural stone

Lightweight marble - glass marble
This is a grey stone,
with a deep bluish hue.

Here are a few split-face samples.

Lightweight marble - glass marbleLightweight marble - glass marble

Lightweight marble - glass marble
This stone has been excavated
since ancient times in upper
Versilia, right in the heart of
the impressive mountain range
known as Apuan Alps, close to the
village from which it takes its name.
Cardoso Stone is a not deeply
metamorphosed sandstone
originated from the disgregation of
pre-existing granitic rocks.
Due to its mineralogical
composition and its genesis,
Cardoso offers a considerable degree
of compactness and durability.

Lightweight marble - glass marble
It displays exceptionally good
physical and mechanical
characteristics as regards
resistance to wearing,
abrasion and pressure, besides
very good resistance
to weathering.

Such features make Cardoso
the perfect choice for many
different applications.

Lightweight marble - glass marble
For internal use
it is often utilized
for stairs, fireplaces,
tops and skirting.

For external use
it is employed for
paving of plazas
and walkways,
pool borders, etc.

Lightweight marble - glass marble
Slabs of the best
quality Cardoso Stone
are available
in our yard,
some of which
coming from the
quarry we exploit

Lightweight marble - glass marble

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